Southern Fried Chicken  

1 pc of Chicken £1.50
2 pc Chicken with Chips and a Drink£4.00
3 pc Chicken with Chips and a Drink £5.00
Cold beverages

Hot Wings 

1 Hot Wing  50P
1 Southern Fried Wing  50p
5 Hot Wings & Chips with a Drink  £4.00
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Battered Chicken Brest Burger 

Spicy Battered Chicken fillet Burger                            £3.00
Battered Chicken fillet Burger    £3.00
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Spicy Bean Burger 

Spice Bean Burger  £3.00
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1/4 Lb Beef Burger and Cheese

1/4lb Beef Burger with Cheese
Double 1/4lb Burger Burger with Cheese  £4.50
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BBQ Chicken Drumstick 

1 pc of BBQ Chicken  £1.60
2 BBQ Drumsticks with Chips and a Drink £4.00
3 BBQ Drumsticks with Chips and a Drink  £5.00
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BBQ Wings 

1 BBQ Wing  50p         
5x BBQ Wings with Chips and a Drink £4.00
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Regular  £1.50
Larger  £2.00
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Chicken Nuggets

6x Chicken Nuggets  £3.00
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Sharing Boxes

6x Chicken Pieces  6x Hot Wings with
3 Chips and 3 Cans of Drinks 
9x Chicken Pieces  9x Hot Wings with 3 Chips and 3 Cans of Drinks  £21.00
12x Chicken Pieces 12x Hot Wings with 4 Chips and 4 Cans of Drinks  £24.00
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Sides Coming Soon 

BBQ Beans  £1.00
Mini Corn on the Cob  £1.00
Chip Shop Gravy  £1.00
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American Style Apple

 1 Apple Pie  £1.50
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